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Whale experience

In the latest years there has been a great rise in whale observations in Northern Norway, and fortunately for us Skjervøy is located at the centre of this. In the winter season most of our activities are somehow related to this great wonders of nature.

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Northern Lights trip

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a world renowned phenomenon that occasionally appears in the Nortern hemisphere. The phenomenon is allways there, but can only be observed when the conditions are right aka when there is winter, clear weather and dark. Fortunately during winter season we will not be troubled by much sun interference, as there is few hours of daylight this far north.


On the other hand, in summertime there is allways light as the midnight sun illuminates everything.


We use the "Atlantic Lady" for all of our tours. This ship is a stable, comfortable and safe choice for all types of sea transportation. We are also able to provide transportation of people and goods upon request. 

Facts on "Atlantic Lady"

Length: 14,2 meters

Width: 4,15 meters

Top speed: 32 knots

Cruising speed: 25 knots

Approved for 12 passengers

2 open decks

2 saloons 

Cooking oppurtunity

3 cabins, 5 beds

Bathroom with shower and WC

We are also able to provide other services or assistance upon request. If you have a special request feel free to contact us by using the contact us function on this page, ore directly trough telephone or email.  

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